From Virtual to Reality 2018

This June, we are glad to be one of the exhibitors in the event, From Virtual to Reality 2018, held by HKVRN in Inno Space! It was good to meet and get to know all the participants.

Here is a sneak peak of what we experimented on VR and interior design… MIXED REALITY.

How is Mixed Reality (MR) different from Virtual Reality(VR)?

The use of VR immerses a person into the design right away, giving he/she a personal experience to interact with this particular virtual space. MR, in addition, is the tool to share this experience with third parties.

This MR setup aims to promote common experiences by showing audiences the interactions between the direct user and the space, making VR a less solitary activity. This is also allowing designers to give more detailed explanations and guidance to users through out the place.

We hope everyone enjoyed the Virtual Showroom experience. The MR setup certainly has much room for improvements, still, we are quite happy with the result we achieved in such a short notice!

More to come!