3D Service


Specialising in Architectural VR content, space construction and design

3D Rendering

Realistic 3D images are created for an impactful communication between designers and clients.

This work focuses in producing highly realistic images of your project that precisely convey the vision and design concept behind.


Interactive VR Showroom

Making use of Virtual Reality, you are able to be in the design space and "physically" walk through the project regardless of time and location.

Real-time and interactivity are the key feature of this service.

  • Changing the texture/colour of fixtures
  • Picking up items for close ups
  • Switching lights on and off

Architectural Animation

These well-rendered animations aim to immerse audience into the space from the perspective of the designer, showing every feature and details you wish.

Each scenes and sequences are set up in details:

  • Aerial view - show how it fits into the environment
  • Close up - textures and materials used
  • First person perspective
  • ......

360° Panorama Tour

Offering more than a still image, 360° Panorama allows an overall visualization of your project. People can now discover your designs from a new angle.

One of the most eye catching element for online promotions. You can put your audience into the environment instantly.

The interactive feature of a 360 degree panorama stands out among ordinary posts by moving your mobile device - CLICK ON THE SAMPLE FACEBOOK POST TO TRY!

It is widely support in various systems and platforms:

  • Social Platform - Facebook, YouTube, Google, Flickr...
  • Mobile device - Android, iOS, Google...
  • Computer system - Windows, MacOS
  • VR system - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive...